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My mission is to help you master your intellectual property, or IP, at a price you can afford. That's the reason that I have developed and structured the way I have. I've been helping companies for almost two decades, and I've seen way too many entrepreneurs pay a high price for waiting too long to take care of their most valuable asset. I know that entrepreneurs are busy people. I know that the urgent can often overtake the important! I know, because I'm an entrepreneur too! The IP master class is what you need to master your IP and control your future. 


The experts are right to say that the "new" economy is an IP-centric economy, one that values ideas and implementation of those ideas above all else. But, to get anything done, you have to share your ideas, secrets and vision with others. Intellectual property, or "IP", is the only way to protect your company's most valuable assets against unscrupulous investors, former employees, unfair competition, even foreign knock-offs. The IP master class will save you money, build equity in your company and give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you've done what it takes to own your IP. You've finally found the answer that you can afford and that gets results! I won't let you fail! 


The IP master class provides training that you can use, right away, in your innovative business. I don't make you learn something that you don't need, just to forget what you learned when you eventually need it! That's just too frustrating! Instead, I queue up the implementation plan that you need, and act as your virtual concierge, while you follow simple instructions to download and customize agreements that your business absolutely needs.

Then, I take it one step further, based on your answers to simple questions, I schedule follow-ups. Don't worry! If you can't answer any question, my support team will follow-up with you. The idea is not just to master your IP, but to turn you, or someone in your company, into an IP master! You'll never have to remember everything, just complete the implementation training as often as needed, at any time!


We launch an IP master's forum at least once per year, working with you and other entrepreneurs like you to master your IP, together. Ask questions. Offer assistance. Share ideas. Help and encourage each other. I sometimes stop in to answer questions and may even offer a livestream event on a topic of general interest to the IP masters.  Those who give much to the forum, get back even more. I encourage you to have someone in your organization participate as an IP master in this exclusive, member's only, online forum.


IP master class is unlike any training that you have ever taken. There are no "educational" videos. Instead, each module implements what your company absolutely needs to own its IP. For example, your IP master will get access to electronically fillable PDF templates and simplevideo implementation steps that your IP master will follow to make sure that your company owns its most valuable asset, its IP.


"Chris is simply the best!"

               -- Krista Hakes Covey, SmartStart, Pasco County

How much does it cost?

The IP master class starts at just $9* per month. Yes, for a limited time, you can sign up at for this super low price! Why? Because I don't want any small business to have any reason not to take this important first step. What price do you put on peace of mind? The IP master class is a game changer. You'll no longer be wondering what you should do to protect your IP. You'll be doing it. Step by easy step.

What do I get? provides a library of essential agreements, implementation training and updates based on your needs. Capture the value of IP created by you and the IP created for you, by others. The IP master class walks you through a process in discrete, timely and easy to implement steps in each module. You can view modules as often as you need. I know that time and money are in short supply for any early stage venture. So, I've made it easy to take the first step, to own your IP, because if you don't own it, somebody else does! The IP master class prioritizes your limited time and money. First, you'll take action to create and own your IP. As your IP master progresses, your business will learn to protect and grow the value of your IP, building equity in your business.

No excuses!

I have left no excuse for not taking action, right now! That is my intent. No excuses. Now is the time to get a handle on your IP! As an IP and patent attorney, I've seen far too many businesses fail simply by not taking action to own and control their most valuable assets, IP. This won't happen to you, because you've found the IP master class! 


IP master class 


You don't have to go it alone. You've found the IP master class, and you can start, right now. The IP master class is affordable, even for the earliest stage of startups. How does $9* per month sound? There is no long term commitment. Cancel at any time. Listen, I know how much stress you are under and how overwhelming things can become. I'm an entrepreneur too. I am making this affordable, because I've seen how owning a business can change lives. I've seen how doing the wrong thing can destroy a business, too! 

How long will it take?

You'll benefit from the IP master class in the first day, and we'll change the way you look at IP by the end of your first month. We don't stop there, however. Our IP master class can sustain your progress and remind you when its time to take action, contact an attorney or file a renewal. When a competitor starts using your trademark, you can receive an alert. When its time for a renewal, you're covered. If we see an important change in law, we can let you know how it affects you. 

How do I use

If you want to get the most out of your IP portfolio, then my IP master class is for you. The complete IP master class training will guide you step-by-step. With my virtual guidance, you'll take action to own, protect and grow your IP. You'll be able to talk about your ideas without fear! You'll have enforceable legal rights in your confidential information, brands, creative works, inventions, innovative ideas, domain names and the customer experience that you create for your customers. You'll have the right to take action against unscrupulous ex-employees, investors, consultants, developers, distributors, vendors, competitors..., anyone that violates your rights in your growing IP portfolio. (Usually, that means that you won't have to!) Find out more below.

Why am I doing this?

Some marketing experts say that I should charge thousands of dollars for this type of training, but I'm dedicated to helping you become an IP master. Why? I've seen how starting and growing a business can change lives: your life, the lives of your family, the lives of your employees and customers. I've also seen what can happen when things go bad. I don't want that to happen to you. I'm a veteran intellectual property attorney, fellow entrepreneur and business coach. I give my time to mentoring new businesses one-on-one and in programs like co.Starters, but I can only reach a few of you this way. By creating the IP master class, however, I can reach every small business! That's why I have worked so hard to make the IP master class affordable for any business to become an IP master. That's why I make myself available to you through recorded video, livestream events and an invitation to an exclusive "IP masters" forum, once per year.


"I have seen Chris in action, and his teaching is masterful!"

                                                    -- Dino Eliadis, DE, inc.


There are alternatives to the IP Master Class. If you live or work in Florida, I would be happy to help you, one-on-one, through my law firm, Paradies law. (See  disclaimer.) As an experienced, Florida Bar certified intellectual property attorney and USPTO registered patent attorney, I've helped hundreds of companies to own, protect and grow their IP, over the years. I constantly improve the efficiency of my firm and offer fair, flat fees for most services. This is a great alternative. Still, there are early stage companies that can't afford even my fair, flat fees. Paradies IP offers the IP master class at a cost you can afford, because Paradies IP is not a law firm and does not provide legal services. Instead, IP master class gives you the tools, training and support for you, or one of your employees, to implement your own IP plan. Are there other solutions? Sure! 

Go Cheap?

Alternatively, you can try to find a lower cost provider, but you get what you pay for. Bad advice can be worse than no advice at all, giving you a false sense of security. Like the client that came to me with a "provisional patent" that was filed by a former patent examiner. This document did not even describe the client's actual invention, and it could not be used to draft a set of detailed claims that would protect the client's product from knock-offs. It was worse than useless, because it prevented the client from obtaining an early filing date. That's not peace of mind! As a "first to file" country, the U.S., like most of the rest of the world, awards a patent to the inventor with the earlier filing date, even if you thought of the invention first! It can be the same way with trademarks, trade secrets and copyrights, too. Knowing what to do and how to do it isn't simple. In fact, IP is a minefield for the unwary. I've seen lawsuits that could have been avoided, easily, at the outset, which have cost early stage companies tens of thousands of dollars, unnecessarily.

Do Nothing? 

One very popular option is to do nothing and wait until your company can afford to retain a competent IP attorney. Bad idea! If you don't own your IP, then somebody else does! What are you going to do, when you find out that your employee, contractor or vendor owns the rights to the IP that you paid to have developed? What are you going to do, when you find out that your "exclusive" distributor registered your trademark in its own name? Do you think that might cause a problem, when you terminate your distributor's contract for failure to perform? If you do nothing, then the chances of your company actually owning its IP is zero, zip, nada! You've got to take action to own your IP. 

Feel Lucky?

Another path that can lead to disaster is to rely on advice from a general practitioner that does IP, too, once in a while, on the side, in between real estate closings, tax advice, corporate securities work or setting up trusts. Maybe you can find some self-proclaimed IP "expert," with a few years of IP law experience. Sometimes, if you are lucky, advice from a general practitioner or so-called expert might be better than doing nothing. Other times, not so much. So, in the words of Harry Callihan, do you feel lucky? (References Clint Eastwood's character in "Dirty Harry", a dark crime film from back in the 70's.)


Then, there is the do-it-yourself entrepreneur (DYI'er). Well intentioned and seeing no affordable alternatives, the DYI'er sets out to learn and do everything needed to own, protect and grow the value of his or her IP on his or her own. Unfortunately, it takes an IP attorney many years to become good at his or her job, working full time in a field of law as complex as the schematics for an aircraft engine. Needless to say, the DYI'er is going to learn his or her mistakes the hard way, through personal experience.  


"Your presentation was excellent. Very valuable, practical information -- and fun too."                                                                            -- John Pfanstiehl

IP master class


All the benefits of the IP Master Class are yours: the peace of mind, the knowledge gained, the value added to your company, our timely reminders that nurture and grow your IP.  

  • OWN -- Using the library and training provided, you will own your IP.
  • PROTECT -- Using the knowledge you gain and calls to action, take action to protect your IP.
  • GROW -- Grow your IP portfolio and create equity in your business. 
  • IP master plan has what you need:

    • Do you need access to a library of agreements that every startup needs? The IP master class gives you access to simple, yet powerful, agreements that I created for you.
    • Do you need help implementing agreements as part of your IP plan? Each IP master class module provides practical, step-by-step implementation customized by you for your business. 
    • Do you need timely, accurate information to make mission critical decisions?  Who doesn't? We have an optional program called "IP gardening" that provides information that you need, exactly when you need it! 
    • Do you need the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you've done what you can to own the most valuable assets of your company? Our exclusive, annual IP master's forum is for you!

How much Does It Cost?

Just getting started? How about $9 per month* for access to what you need to own your IP and the IP created for you. You'll get access to a library of agreements, video implementation modules on our thinkific platform, and the next IP master's forum. This is just what any new or growing business venture needs to make sure that it gets started down the right path. Lock in this low rate for a limited time.

If you master your IP, then you control your future. You can recruit the best employees and engage the brightest consultants and vendors without undue fear of losing exclusive rights to the IP created for your business.

If you don't own your IP, then somebody else does!  -- Chris Paradies


"Chris gives so much to entrepreneurs without thinking of himself."

                                  -- Tonya Elmore, TEC Garage

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