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The experts are right to say that the "new" economy is an innovation economy, and an innovation economy is IP-centric. It's your ideas and how you implement those ideas that matters.

But, to get anything done, you have to share ideas and disclose your secrets and vision with others. How can you do this without risk of losing everything to some unscrupulous investor, employee, vendor or even a competitor? Intellectual property, or "IP", is the only way to protect your company's most valuable asset against unfair competition and cheap knock-offs.

IP masterclass will help you build value and create equity in your company. The own protect grow® process provides peace of mind that comes from knowing that you've done what it takes to really OWN your most valuable asset, your startup's IP.

What is IP?

IP is Intellectual Property. It's a company's most valuable asset. In this age of innovation, it's your ideas and how you execute on your ideas, your IP, that creates value. IP may be owned and protected under trademark, copyright, patent, contract and trade secret laws. 

Chris Paradies

Chris Paradies is a Florida Bar Certified Intellectual Property Attorney and U.S. Reg. Patent Attorney, founder of Paradies law and creator of IP masterclass. He's chair of the Tampa Bay Innovation Center and a co.Starters facilitator, helping small business owners to get started right. 

Owning Your Startup's IP

Make Sure Your Startup owns its Intellectual Property before you do anything else!

Why? If you don't take action to own your IP, you don't own it, and If YOU don't own it, someone else does. That is a recipe for disaster! It is absolutely necessary to talk with potential customers to validate your business model and the value of your product or service, and you have to talk with people that can help make your idea a reality, too.

How can you do this without losing control over your idea? IP masterclass helps you to "master your IP" without having to become an IP master and at a price you can afford. 

#1 Thing Every Entrepreneur Needs To Do

 In order to figure out if your idea is actually going to work, it’s essential that you share it with people. -- Joel Gascoigne, CEO, Buffer

Don't you hate all the conflicting advice that you get as an entrepreneur? Some people will tell you have to share your idea with others. Other people warn not to tell anyone until you've protected your IP. How can you do both on a limited budget as an early stage company? 

That's Why I created IP masterclass!

I'm Chris Paradies, and I enjoy working with creative and innovative small business owners. That's what I do as a Florida Bar Certified Intellectual Property Attorney and U.S. Reg. Patent Attorney. I help innovators and artists change lives by creating valuable businesses. 

I've seen small businesses change lives: the life of the owner and his family, lives of employees and even the lives of customers. Small business owners care and make a big difference in communities. Bold innovative solutions that revolutionize the world don't start at big, establish corporations. "Human resources" aren't innovators. Big ideas require a startup culture embracing risk taking. Small businesses led by brilliant innovators that err on the side of action can change the world. 

Unfortunately, I've met too many brilliant entrepreneurs that lost their IP rights through neglect or infringed on some litigious corporation's IP rights. These mistakes can destroy a startup before it ever gets traction. 

I believe in small business, and I am determined that you won't make fatal mistakes for lack of knowledge or shortage of funds. IPmasterclass provides practical, hands-on training in which you learn how to own your IP in about an hour a week at a price you can afford.

As a West Point graduate and Army veteran, I learned that practical, hands-on training is the only training that sticks. That's why IPmasterclass is presented in bite-sized modules that help you take immediate action to OWN your IP. I call this program own protect grow®.  You can master your IP in about an hour per week without having to become an IP master. 

I started IP masterclass years ago, and I've been constantly improving the format and content. I've learned that you sometimes need personalized attention, and that's why I'm piloting a new weekly live Q&A session as part of IP masterclass. I could never meet the demand providing legal services one-on-one. I would like to help more small business owners, but I have to pay the bills, also. IP masterclass is my effort to work with many more small business owners at a price that each of you can afford. 

What is "IP masterclass"?

IP masterclass is an online tutorial that you can complete at your own pace. I call it the own protect grow® program for your company's IP. You'll master your IP in about an hour a week over about five weeks, without having to become an IP master yourself. The weekly tutorial is easy to follow. IP masterclass starts from the beginning, and each module builds on the previous module, answering questions you didn't even know that you had. In just a few weeks, you will OWN your startup's IP. Here's the takeaways from the own protect grow® process of IP masterclass:

  • Week 1: setup a corporation or limited liability company and branding exercise.
  • Week 2: develop a distinctive brand identity and conduct trademark searches.
  • Week 3: create a custom "Work Made For Hire" Agreement and register copyrights.
  • Week 4: create a custom Nondisclosure and IP Agreement and own your IP.
  • Week 5: conduct clearance searches and avoid infringing third party IP. 

While learning how to register your company, you'll also learn the difference between a company name and a brand. Then, while developing your brand, you'll learn how to conduct trademark searches to make sure that your brand is distinctive. You'll learn about the differences between trademarks and trade dress, which will help you understand how to protect your brand. Then, create your startup's own work for hire agreement that will allow your startup to be the author and owner of copyrighted works created for it by others. You'll open an account with the Copyright Office, and register your first copyrighted work. In week 4, you'll create your own nondisclosure agreement, but this nondisclosure agreement will include a transfer of ownership in IP created for your startup, also.  This is the week that you'll learn how all the types of IP work together to build equity in your startup. Finally, in week 5, you'll learn how to avoid infringing third party IP rights, and you'll conduct a patent clearance search.  At the end of week 5, you will have mastered your IP, and you will control the future of your startup.

Imagine the peace of mind, knowing that your startup OWNS its IP. You'll be able to talk with customers and share your vision with others without undue fear of losing your valuable IP rights or unwittingly infringing the rights of competitors.

How much does IP masterclass cost?

I've heard of attorneys charging more than $1000 to setup a corporation. Hiring an attorney to create agreements to protect copyrighted works and other IP could cost more than $500 each. A single trademark clearance search costs hundreds more, and there's no telling how much an attorney would charge for conducting patent clearance searches, and you would have to return and pay hundreds more each time a search is needed. IP masterclass is valued at $1900. The IP masterclass pilot will help you do all this and more at a reduced, one-time price of just $397.

As part of this limited time pilot, I am offering IP masterclass for only $397. By joining and providing your feedback, you'll benefit and you'll be helping those who come after you. You'll have access to a Florida Bar certified intellectual property attorney and U.S. registered patent attorney to answer your questions during live Q&A sessions at the end of each week. As a special bonus, I am providing a private one-on-one session with me when you complete all the modules and submit all of your fieldwork. You'll be able to ask any remaining questions privately. I am so certain that you'll agree that IP masterclass helped you own your startup's IP that I'm offering a money back guarantee.

MYTH #1: If I paid someone, then I own the IP   (This Is False!)

Most IP rights are not transferred automatically just because you pay someone. At best, your company might have a limited, non-exclusive implied license under some IP rights. or worse, you could be sued for infringing the IP rights of the person you paid. Yes, it happens.

What is my vision?

My vision is to fix a broken system. Most small Businesses Can't hire a Certified iP attorney.

How can I be so certain? Experience and logic!

Experience: I've met so many entrepreneurs that neglected their IP assets until it was too late!

Logic: In Florida, where attorneys can become board certified experts in intellectual property law, there are only 140 lawyers listed on the Florida bar website as certified IP lawyers, as of this writing. Now, you don't have to be Florida Bar certified to represent clients in trademark, patent, copyright and trade secret matters. However, failure to become board certified could mean that an attorney is not qualified or has specialized in only one specific aspect of IP law, such as trademark, patent or copyright, without a deep understanding of the other important aspects of IP law that is necessary to be certified as an IP attorney. Maybe that's OK, if the attorney is working for a big corporation, with its own internal IP counsel, but it just doesn't work for small businesses that need advice in all of these areas of IP law. There are more than one million small businesses in Florida. It's impossible for 140 bar certified IP lawyers to provide any meaningful service to more than a million small businesses. Even the 444,066 of those Florida small businesses have employees as of the date this was written won't be able to consult with a Florida Bar certified IP attorney. Clearly, many small businesses are going without bar certified IP counsel.  

What does this mean to you?

There are more than 100,000 lawyers registered with the Florida bar. Less than 0.2% of lawyers in Florida are board certified intellectual property attorneys. I've been a board certified attorney since Florida created the certification for IP law. If you are going to get advise about your small business' most valuable asset in Florida, shouldn't your IP counsel be a Florida Bar certified IP attorney? So, I'm confident that many of you are going without critical advice from competent IP counsel.

The shortage of highly qualified IP attorneys that understand all aspects of building a robust IP portfolio means that experienced, qualified IP attorneys can charge clients $400 / hour and up for IP legal services. Most IP attorneys will work with larger corporate clients, which means its even more difficult for small businesses to find competent IP counsel. Few startups can afford to pay thousands of dollars to retain a certified IP attorney. Are going without compentent IP counsel? Are you settling for advice from attorneys that are perhaps less qualified in IP law or getting your advice from non-attorneys or the Internet? These alternatives are unacceptable. Innovative startups cannot afford to go without IP advice, or worse, suffer the consequences of bad IP advice, which can devastate a small business. 

What are you to do if you can't afford to spend thousands of dollars on competent IP counsel while trying to launch or expand your small business?

That's why I created IPmasterclass. The step-by-step tutorials are quick an easy to follow. You'll make rapid progress and do what is needed to master your IP without having to become an IP master, yourself. Just follow my practical training to implement your own customized IP best practices. You'll be glad you did! 

Imagine being able to collaborate with others to achieve rapid sales growth without worrying about losing your the IP rights. You can take action to own your trade secrets, inventions, copyrighted works, domain names, trademarks and trade dress. You don't need to know how each of these areas of IP law work, exactly, in order to successfully own all of the IP rights created for your business by yourself and others. IP masterclass is efficient with your time and money! You'll master your IP without having to become an IP master.

Get Started Now!

I want you to master your IP, without Becoming an IP master.

Just follow easy steps in own protect grow® tutorials to successfully own and build value in your IP portfolio. Imagine controlling your future. You can, but you need to master your IP first. Then, you can share your vision with others without undue fear of losing your IP rights.

Wisdom Is Important

Whether a first time small business owner or a serial entrepreneur, you could easily make the #1 mistake that I see when small business owners come to me for help ... neglecting intellectual property (IP).  We are in an age of innovation, which means that the value of successful companies depends on its intangible assets, much more than on tangible assets. Brick and mortar is dying, unless brick and mortar also embraces innovation. IP law is constantly changing, and what was true five years ago may not make sense today. 

In this age of innovation, the pace of change, itself, is increasing. IP is your company's most valuable asset, or it could be. Nearly 80% percent of the valuation of companies in the S&P 500 is tied to intangibles, like IP, while only about 20% is attributable to tangible assets. Historically, just thirty years ago, the opposite was true, 20% was tied to intangibles, while 80% was attributable to tangible assets. Your company will only be successful if your team executes your business plan better than your competition, and protecting your IP is one aspect of good execution. Start right and rest assured that you are doing what you need to do to own your startup's IP. 

So, why make the #1 mistake of small businesses? Sign up for the IP masterclass Pilot today. 

Why Is Lacking Ownership a Problem?

Not owning your IP could be a big problem, especially when your company becomes successful.  Lawsuits come out of Nowhere Looking for a piece of your dream after all your hard work. Don't let this happen to you!

What You Can Do Right Now!

IP masterclass only takes about an hour per week for you to OWN your IP! benefit from an extraordinarily low price of $397 and receive individualized attention during this iP masterclass pilot. 


Have your domain names been registered by third parties or employees? Who "owns" them then? If you don't have an agreement, it's not you! Not your company!

Are your copyrights in works of authorship owned by employees, contractors or vendors? You'd better know before asking investors for cash!

Are your trademarks improperly held in an owner's name or, worse, a third party's name? This could make your trademarks invalid or unenforceable!

Are your trade secrets left unprotected, vulnerable? Employees, potential investors and independent contractors could walk out and compete with you unfairly.

Are patent rights in important inventions being lost to employees or contractors? Your company doesn't own patents unless you have a written assignment.

Don't take the risk of doing nothing!

IP masterclass will help you master your IP in about one hour per week starting at just $397.*

You have no excuse, right?

That's why I created IP masterclass and the own protect grow®  program. No excuses. Imagine having your IP protected and not having to worry about sharing your vision with investors, employees, contractors and even potential competitors. The right IP can help you protect your company's most valuable asset.

I've helped hundreds of startups and small businesses master their IP, one-on-one, and charged tens of thousands of dollars per client to do it. Most early stage ventures don't have the cash to invest thousands for a qualified IP attorney. The alternative to good advice is unacceptable.

Now, IP masterclass provides mastery of your IP at a fraction of the cost of legal fees.

IP masterclass is a new and better way to manage your IP portfolio.

Implementing the own protect grow® process allows you to take one step at a time. When you have completed IP masterclass, you might want to retain my law firm, Paradies law, to help you file patent applications or applications for trademark registration or copyright registration. That would be great! Maybe you just need the help of a virtual paralegal, I'm considering providing a "concierge service" that would give you access to a virtual paralegal to help you manage your IP portfolio. Whatever you decide, you'll master your IP and control your own future.

If you are very serious about growing the value of your IP, I am considering offering an exclusive membership group for a low annual flat fee, which will provide continuing direct contact with Chris Paradies, the creator of IP masterclass. Let me know if you would like this service. 

Chris Paradies is a co.Starters facilitator, helping new startups in Tampa Bay.

Chris learned about how to present effective training at West Point and in the U.S. Army.


IP masterclass is not a training course or information session that overloads you with information. As a West Point grad and army veteran, I learned training must be hands on and applied to be useful, and I've become a recognized trainer and certified coStarters facilitator specializing in helping entreprenuers like you. This is what distinguishes IP masterclass from any other online source of IP knowledge.

Too much online content is geared solely toward funneling new clients to pay exorbitant legal fees for assistance from "leveraged" young associates working to make seasoned IP partners wealthy. You already know that this Big Law model doesn't work for startups!

Now, IP masterclass provides a new way! Each masterclass  module, takes you step by step through my own protect grow® process. You'll learn what needs to be done and why and immediately implement your IP strategy by following step-by-easy-step tutorials using IP masterclass templates.

Upon completion of a module, you'll have taken the next step in owning your startup's IP.  You'll get your first trademark search done or create a custom agreement. Each concrete step builds value in your IP portfolio and creates equity in your startup. 


you'll master your IP, without having to become an IP master, yourself.

I'm expecting to create additional courses as you all let me know what you want and need. Need to register your IP rights or need a standard operating procedure that uses best practices to maximize the value of your company's IP? Thinking about retiring or selling your company? You'll be interested in my follow-on courses offered under the IP masterclass umbrella.

*Additional fees and costs are required for filing state and federal registrations of trademarks and copyrights. Paradies ip solutions llc does not provide legal advice. ip masterclass is an educational product that assists you in managing your own IP. the speaker's opinions are his own. paradies ip solutions llc is not a law firm and is not registered to practice law in any state. Chris paradies is a Florida bar certified intellectual property attorney and registered patent attorney . 


"Chris is simply the best!"                

-- Krista Hakes Covey, SmartStart, Pasco County

What is the cost?

The IP master class starts at a One-time Fee of just $397 .00* 

For a limited time, you can sign up for this super low price to participate in the pilot. You'll benefit from helping to shape the content of IP masterclass and will receive a special bonus upon completing the modules, a one-hour one-on-one session with Chris Paradies of Paradies Law P.A., a Florida Bar certified IP attorney and U.S. Registered Patent Attorney. 


IP masterclass 


There is no long term commitment.

I've seen how doing the wrong thing can destroy a business, and I've seen how doing it right can pay off during an asset sale! 

Every company is different, and your results may not be the same as others. However, I've seen IP assets, alone, without much ongoing revenue, provide seven figure paydays for innovative technologies that solve important problems. I've also seen companies close their doors, avoidably, if only IP wan't neglected.  

You have options, but ignoring your IP isn't a reasonable option.  


"I have seen Chris in action, and his teaching is masterful!"                                      -- Dino Eliadis, DE, inc.

What do I get ?

Do you want the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you've done what it takes to own your IP? 

You'll conduct trademark knock-out searches to find a distinctive trademarks or service marks that won't get you sued and can grow in value. You'll make sure that your brand is properly owned and controlled by your company.

You'll create and use your own, custom Work Made For Hire agreement. Own the copyrights in all of the works of authorship you create and those created for you by others. Learn what copyright protects and what it's good for.  

You'll create and use your own, custom Confidentiality and IP agreement. You'll create a one-page nondisclosure and IP agreement to protect domain names, trade secrets, inventions and discoveries from misappropriation.

You'll conduct your own patent searches to find out if someone else has a patent or pending application on your invention.

What Types of Training Will IP masterclass provide in the future?

Registered Trademarks

I might provide a follow-on course to register trademarks to protect your distinctive brands from misuse, misappropriation, cybersquatting and tarnishment.


I may provide a follow-on course for those of you that need to own and register copyrights in software. This is a specialized area where I have spent significant time helping clients one-on-one.


I may provide a follow-on course for coaches and consultants that want to own rights in trade secret materials and exercises that are presented. This is another specialized area where there is a lot of confusion. If done right, IP can make a huge difference. 


I may provide a follow-on patent course. Deciding whether to protect your inventions, discoveries and ideas as trade secrets or under patent law can be a difficult choice. What is a trade secret, and how do you protect it? What should be patented? When should you file an application for a patent? How can you prepare an invention disclosure document that will make it easier to file a patent application, if you need to protect an invention under patent law. An invention disclosure document might be filed as a provisional patent application by your patent counsel, under some circumstances, and I could walk you step by step through an invention review process to determine what inventions and ideas should be patented, kept as trade secrets or defensively published. 


"Your presentation was excellent. Very valuable, practical information -- and fun too."                                                                            -- John Pfanstiehl


If you live or work in Florida, I would be happy to help you, one-on-one, through my law firm, Paradies law. (See  disclaimer.*)

Live outside of Florida? I might be able to make a referral to an IP attorney located in your state.

As an experienced, Florida Bar certified intellectual property attorney and U.S. registered patent attorney, I've helped hundreds of companies to own, protect and grow their IP, over the years.

This is a great alternative, but be prepared to spend tens of thousands of dollars. You'll hire me to work with your company one on one, as your intellectual property counsel. 

I've spent decades learning what I know, both technical and legal, and my fair flat fees reflect my extensive expertise, education, training and experience. 

*DISCLAIMER: IP masterclass is affordable, because Paradies IP Solutions LLC is not a law firm and does not provide legal services. Instead, IP masterclass gives you what you need to master your IP, yourself, step by step, in easy to follow weekly modules.



You can try to find what you need online, but you get what you pay for. Bad free advice can have a much larger long term cost than no advice at all. A false sense of security can lull you into complacency or get you sued.

One entrepreneur said he was told that he could safeguard his rights by mailing a letter to himself. He called it a poor man's patent. WRONG!

Bad advice is worse than useless. Bad advice could prevent you from doing the right thing to own your company's copyrights, trade secrets and patentable inventions. Knowing what to do and when and how to do it isn't simple when it comes to IP. IP is a minefield for small businesses, especially for first time entrepreneurs.

WRONG! I've seen lawsuits that could have been avoided, easily if an entrepreneur had asked advice from IP counsel, BUT ENDED UP COSTING 10's OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS.  This isn't rare either. It's common for startups to get into trouble with bigger brands just when the startup is getting traction in the marketplace. The costs don't stop even after stopping the activities that caused the bigger brand to sue.


One very popular option is to do nothing and wait until your company can "afford" IP counsel. Bad idea!

If you don't own your startup's IP, then somebody else does! It can be very expensive to fix this down the road after your company is generating revenue. Suddenly, the IP that could have been transferred for free is seen as very valuable indeed. How much is it going to cost you later to buy your IP back, if you can? How much will it cost to rebrand, recreate new content or redesign your website and/or rewrite your software? 

What are you going to do, when your distributor registers your trademark in its name? Do you think that might cause a problem when you terminate your distributor's contract for cause? 

If you do nothing, then the chances of your company actually owning its IP is zero, zip, nada! You've got to take action to own your IP.


Another path that can lead to disaster is to rely on advice from an attorney that spends only a little time filing trademarks -- in between real estate closings, tax advice, corporate securities work or setting up trusts. Also, beware the young attorney that professes to be a trademark attorney but has little or no practical experience. You'll find many self-proclaimed IP "experts" online and on social media. Beware! Check carefully! How many years of IP law experience does this "expert" have? What state or states is the person admitted to practice law? Is the "expert" certified by a state bar in intellectual property? Sometimes, if you're lucky, advice from a general practitioner or so-called "expert" might be better than doing nothing. Other times, not so much.

So, in the words of Harry Callihan (References Clint Eastwood's character in "Dirty Harry", a dark crime film from back in the 70's).

"Do ya feel lucky?" 


Then, there is the do-it-yourselfer (DYI'er). Well intentioned and seeing no affordable alternatives, the DYI'er sets out to learn and do everything needed to own, protect and grow the value of his or her IP on his or her own. It takes an IP attorney many years to become good at his or her job, under supervision of a seasoned IP counsel, and working full time in a field of law as complex as the schematics for an aircraft engine. Needless to say, the DYI'er is going to spend countless hours only to learn his or her mistakes the hard way, through painful personal experience.


There are scammers out there looking to part eager inventors from their money. Every invention is a great idea, they'll say. Invention promotion firms are notorious and go by many names. In fact, these firms often change names frequently, for a reason. If any company claims to have a way of licensing your invention to a list of companies ready to pay you for your idea, it's likely a scam. 

Beware if you see an ad like this...

EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO SUCCEED. We’ve Got You Covered. From Friendly And Helpful Support, Fast Patent Application Process, High Quality Prototype Designs To A Huge Network Of Companies Eager To Pay Royalties For New Inventions.

Here's a typical review:

They promised me the world, and told me what a great invention i had. They are nothing but a bunch of thieves!!! Remember they are there to take your money, so no invention will be bad to them. BEWARE!!!!

These ads are selling a fantasy. There are no companies "...eager to pay royalties for new inventions." This is the hook, and an eager inventor is the fish. Don't be a fish. Starting a business or selling a new product takes hard work, money and time for marketing and perseverance to succeed. Don't be fooled. Nobody is looking to give you anything. If anything, they are just looking to part you from your money. Invention promotion companies make millions from inventors' fees while delivering boilerplate and promises to the vast majority of inventors.



All the benefits of the IP Master Class are yours: the peace of mind, the knowledge gained, the value added to your company by owning, protecting and growing the value of your IP.  

  • OWN -- Using your custom agreements, created by you, your company will own its IP.
  • PROTECT -- Don't get sued and learn what you should do to protect your IP.   
  • GROW -- Create value in your business using IP best practices while growing your business.

If you master your IP, then you control your future. You can recruit the best employees and engage the brightest consultants and vendors without undue fear of losing exclusive rights to the IP created for your business.

If you don't own your IP, then somebody else does!  -- Chris Paradies


"Chris gives so much to entrepreneurs without thinking of himself."

-- Tonya Elmore, Tampa Bay Innovation Center


copyright 2018 Paradies IP Solutions, LLC