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If you own a small business or are you thinking about starting one, you might be making the #1 Mistake that I see new entrepreneurs make over and over again!

And you might still have time to fix it!

And it's not hard to do.

What is the #1 Mistake that I've seen entrepreneurs make as a Florida Bar certified intellectual property attorney and U.S. registered patent attorney?

Entrepreneurs that are starting or growing a small business often face both a lack of time and a shortage of money. Don't use either as an excuse not to succeed!

Chris Paradies
IP attorney

Many entrepreneurs find a way to start smaller, a minimally viable product or pre-sales.

I know. I help entrepreneurs do this all the time as a facilitator for a program called co.Starters, which helps startups develop and implement workable business models by starting smaller and focusing on the customer.

It's my passion to help small business owners make the most of their ideas, creativity and innovation. That's what I'm good at. That's my secret sauce!

Let's get back to the #1 Mistake though... 

Consider Victor and Victoria. The names are fictional but their stories are so common that I can recite the facts in my sleep. 

Victor's got a great niche product that benefits his customers. It's finally getting some traction after countless hours of Victor's time and exhausting his family's savings

Victor worked hard to build his business, and it's finally paying off!

Victoria's consulting business 10 X's her successful business customer's profits, and she finally had her first $100k  month last month. Actually, she made revenue of $115,000. Victoria's on cloud nine.

Neither Victor nor Victoria have taken action to own their intellectual property, which is commonly referred to as "IP". 

Both heard about IP, and knew trademarks, patents, copyrights and stuff like that could be important.

Victor didn't have the money and thought he could put it off until his company was making profit.

Victoria could never find the time and didn't have a clue about how to start. Honestly, she didn't think she had any IP.

Victor just received a letter in the mail from his biggest competitor. He's not sure what it means or why his biggest competitor would even be interested in his business and its product.

Victor's heart sinks when he reads the last paragraph. It's clearly a threat to sue him, for some type of "infringement" if he doesn't stop selling his company's product immediately. 

The letter mentions the product's packaging and a patent that he never knew existed.

Victor doesn't have the money to defend a lawsuit. He doesn't even have the $50,000 that the big law firm he contacted is asking for a retainer.

"What am I going to do?" Victor asks, shaking his head in despair.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.  -- Benjamin Franklin

Victoria's very first employee, Jane Dare, which she brought on as an independent contractor after her consulting business took off, "...just up and quit a few months back...," as Victoria put it.

Today, one of Victoria's most loyal customers told her that Jane Dare solicited their business, at a price point lower than Victoria's. 

Less loyal customers have cancelled Victoria’s services, and new customers are drying up. What can Victoria do?

Own your "secret sauce" BEFORE you share your recipe. -- Chris Paradies

Don't get stuck between Rock Dr. and Hard Pl.

Both Victor and Victoria made the #1 Mistake! Did you catch it?

Both face entirely different, but equally tragic, outcomes. It might have been easily avoided. 

Imagine if Victor's company had OWNED its IP. His company wouldn't have been surprised by a letter from his biggest competitor!

What If Victoria had OWNED her company's IP. Then her "employee" couldn't have stolen Victoria's "secret sauce"! 

Both face bad choices, now, between Rock Drive and Hard Place. It was entirely preventable, if only...  (I hate "if only"s...)

I could tell you about at least 37 different tragic outcomes. All are a result of the SAME #1 Mistake

All of these tragic outcomes could easily be prevented by OWNING your company's most valuable asset, its IP!

Do you THINK you own Your IP?

Is it simply because you PAID someone to create it?

Then, you probably aren't the owner, and someone else is

Is it because you registered your company name and DBA name with the state? Then, you could still be infringing someone else's trademark.

Is it because you mailed something to yourself and left it sealed? That's one of the myths on the Internet that provides only a false sense of security.

Is it because you are working with an invention promotion company that promises to license your invention to companies looking for great ideas? It's probably a scam. 

I could go on ...   Do I need to? 

Whatever your business idea, product or service, your company needs to OWN its IP, before putting in all the effort it takes to grow its value.

Your company must own its secret sauce before you share the recipe!

Truth is hard sometimes. There really aren't companies out there looking to pay you hundreds of thousands for your great ideas. Want to know about the alternatives? GO HERE...

You'll need to work hard to increase the value of your IP before anyone pays you what you want for it.

If you want to stop trading your time for money, you need to OWN your IP! 

The experts are right to say that the "new" economy is an innovation economy, and an innovation economy is IP-centric.

It's your ideas and how you implement those ideas that matters. If you do it right, you can stop trading your time for money, and you'll let your IP create wealth for you! But nobody is going to pay you for your idea...

You must make your idea valuable FIRST! Otherwise, you're leaving money on the table.

I'm an advocate for small business, because entrepreneurs change lives.

Employees at small businesses with fewer than 20 employees are much more satisfied than employees of behemoth corporate employers. (This is according to a survey conducted by Aflac, a behemoth corporate employer!)

Entrepreneurs can change the lives of their customers, too, by focusing on serving their particular customers.

That's what I'm doing by helping entrepreneurs like you to make the most of your ideas.

In order to figure out if your idea is actually going to work, it’s essential that you share it with people. -- Joel Gascoigne, CEO, Buffer

Smart entrepreneurs know that it's incredibly important to get customer engagement before launching a product or service. 

So, you need to SHARE your recipe AND still keep your "secret sauce" SECRET?

It's not really that complicated if you know what to do. The problem is that what your company needs is probably different than all of the other entrepreneurs that you're likely to meet. One size does not fit all.

Don't get so tied up in the day-to-day running of your business that you make the #1 Mistake. 

"...for riches certainly make wings, and fly away as an eagle...." Proverbs

Trading your time for money is fruitless.

Your time is the only thing that you can't get back ... and riches fly away. Even the best entrepreneurs have been know to make and lose fortunes ... usually more than once.  

Successful entrepreneurs know that the only way to create real wealth is to create something bigger than yourself. 

In this age of innovation, wealth is created by building a powerful brand. It doesn't matter if it's a company brand, a personal brand or a product brand.  

"... a good name is worth more than great riches."  Proverbs

The secret is the same . 

The secret is to transfer the value of your IP to your brand!

Chris Paradies
Florida Bar Certified IP Attorney and U.S. Reg. Patent Attorney

Hi, Chris Paradies here. I'm an advocate for small business owners and have helped hundreds of entrepreneurs get started right and grow the value of their businesses. 

As a Florida Bar certified intellectual property attorney and U.S. registered patent attorney, I've created IPmasterclass, as a new way for small business owners to master their IP and control their future.

As a co.Starters facilitator and board chair of the Tampa Bay Innovation Center, I've seen how entrepreneurs change lives. That's why I'm a small business advocate.

I help innovative and creative entrepreneurs discover their "secret sauce" and build a hedge of protection around it.

It's what I'm good at. That's MY secret sauce.

More about that later.

Whatever your "secret sauce" is, it's incredibly valuable, but only if you OWN it, PROTECT it and GROW its value.

That's what my own protect grow® program is all about. 

Even if you don't know what your secret sauce is ...  especially if you don't know ... I can help! It's what I do.

Why don't you schedule a free 30-minute strategy session with me, Chris Paradies, right now? It's easy to do by clicking the button below and using my automated,online scheduler.

IPmasterclass Is The Perfect Answer To:

What should a I do to own my IP before I share my idea with others?

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Very Easy To Follow

A lot of hard work has been put into these videos! I am very grateful...

--James Doyle

Chris Paradies

  • Florida Bar certified IP
  • US reg. patent attorney
  • co.Starters facilitator
  • 2014 Tampa Bay Region Volunteer of the Year, Florida Economic Development Council


My IPmasterclass own protect grow® program is practical training presented by me, Chris Paradies, a Florida Bar certified intellectual property attorney and U.S. registered patent attorney.

When I checked, there were only 140 Florida Bar certified IP attorneys listed on the Florida Bar website.

There are hundreds of thousands of small businesses with employees in Florida.

So, it's safe to say that many Florida businesses aren't working an experienced, certified IP attorney. Right?

The value of the own protect grow® program goes beyond the IP created! Small companies without a clear direction often fall into the "scatter gun" approach to IP.

What is the "scatter gun" approach? It's what happens when entrepreneurs go to traditional law firms and meet with a trademark attorney or a patent attorney.

You'll get patents and trademarks and agreements and whatever you can afford until you can't afford it anymore. 

Then, you'll get nothing, until you can afford it again.

It's a boom and bust cycle that usually doesn't add that much value, especially if your attorney focuses on what he or she is good at, rather than what your company really needs.

If all you have is a hammer, everything starts to look like a nail...

I'm different. I'm a US registered patent attorney AND a Florida Bar certified patent attorney.

More importantly, I'm first and foremost a small business advocate, from serving for years as a co.Starters facilitator and from serving at a nonprofit incubator.

By completing the IPmasterclass own protect grow® program..

you'll master your company's IP, without having to become an IP master.

What does that mean?

It means that I'll help direct you to what makes the most sense for your business.

Years ago, I started small business IP training as a live, in-person workshop called The IP Workshop.

I saw how reaching entrepreneurs early kept them from making the #1 Mistake ... 

Several years ago, I started testing out online platforms for delivering the content I had created.

I wasn't satisfied with YouTube videos or online information-only courses. If you've tried any of them, you know that they don't work for busy people with too much to do already.

IPmasterclass own protect grow® is different. I personally come alongside your business and hold you accountable for doing what you need to do to grow the value of your business.

Not only do you save tons of money, but also you will truly OWN your company's IP ... its "secret sauce" ... its most valuable asset ...

That's how you create wealth ... even when you're not working. 

You'll master your IP without having to become an IP master.

IPmasterclass Pilot leverages new technology to provide the own protect grow® program.

IPmasterclass culminates years of effort creating an alternative to the failing big law model. 

What's Stopping You?

What's stopping you from being successful?

There's no risk in signing up. I'm going to make sure that you succeed.

That's why I can offer a generous money-back guarantee!

Just exercise this guarantee within 30 days of completing the IPmasterclass own protect grow® program, and Paradies IP Solutions, LLC will refund your money.*

So, what have you got to lose (except all of your startup's most valuable assets if you do nothing).

*I'm an attorney, but the only "catch" to the money-back guarantee is that I'm going to require you to do the work.Complete the modules, the fieldwork and participate in mandatory Q&A sessions, and you will succeed. I guarantee it!

IPmasterclass has been created for serious entrepreneurs that are planning to succeed. And it's affordable enough for any startup. So, there's no excuse for not owning your startup's secret sauce (or sauces).

Proud member of CABA

How much does it cost?

How much did it cost Victor and Victoria to do nothing, hundreds of thousands in legal fees or more in lost business? I know how much you will benefit. 

It could cost you $10's of thousands in legal fees, alone, to do everything that you do in IPmasterclass, if you could find a Florida Bar certified IP attorney to do it for you. Right?

If you're looking strictly at cost, then you're probably not ready to be successful.

You need to consider the value that you're losing if you don't OWN your company's IP! 


IPmasterclass own protect grow® is an investment that keeps on paying year after year.

It's an investment you can't afford not to make and an extraordinary ROI. 

You can't even put a price on the peace of mind and FOCUS that you'll have.

Completing the fieldwork is important to your startup's success. So, some assignments are mandatory.

You'll need at least one hour per week to complete the fieldwork.

Each exercise builds on the last until you OWN your company's "secret sauce". 

Why don't you schedule a strategy session with me, Chris Paradies, right now, using the button below to access my easy to use online, automated scheduler? 


IPmasterclass will help you master your IP in as little as one hour per week for 10 weeks.

Are You Ready?


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You own and will continue to own all of your IP and any IP created for you by others.  Paradies IP Solutions LLC owns and will continue to own its IP and IP created for it by others. Nothing transfers any ownership in intellectual property from you to Paradies IP Solutions LLC or from Paradies IP Solutions LLC to you.

I've worked hard to make IPmasterclass a great investment in your business. No glitz! Just effective help for your small business from a qualified, Florida Bar certified IP counsel.

Everything that you'll do to OWN your IP is based on proven, time-tested methods, which will help you to capture and grow the value of your company's most valuable asset, its IP.  

Want to know more? Why not schedule your free strategy session now!


Yes, I'm an attorney. So, I want to be aware of the following disclaimers.

*Limited time offer -- price subject to change at any time --additional fees and costs are required for filing state and federal registrations of USPTO fees and copyrights, secretary of state fees, and other out of pocket costs. 

Paradies IP Solutions LLC does not provide legal advice or legal services. There is no attorney-client relationship established by enrolling in IPmasterclass.

IPmasterclass is an educational product that assists you in managing your own IP. You agree not to disclose any of the content of IPmasterclass, publicly, outside of your company.

Paradies IP Solutions, LLC agrees not to use any of your information, except to provide services to you. 

The speakers' opinions are their own.

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Paradies IP Solutions LLC recommends that you consult with a qualified intellectual property attorney in your state if you have legal questions or need legal services or advice.

IPmasterclass is an educational program, and you agree to assume the risk in taking or not taking any action based on the content of IPmasterclass.

This is not an advertisement for legal services, but it may be considered an advertisement for legal services in some jurisdictions. You should not rely solely on advertising for choosing legal counsel.  

If you provide any testimonials, now or in the future, You agree that Paradies IP Solutions LLC and Paradies Law P.A. may use your image, likeness, voice and written testimonials for any purpose including, without limitation, promotional purposes and advertising and may edit and may create derivative works thereof.

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Every company is different, and your results may not be the same as others. The only warranty provided is the limited, 100% money guarantee offered above, subject to the terms of the offer, and liability of Paradies IP Solutions LLC and Christopher Paradies is limited to the amount you paid to Paradies IP Solutions LLC for any any all causes of action arising from your participation in any program offered by Paradies IP Solutions LLC and Christopher Paradie. 

The results obtained from IPmasterclass vary depending on willingness to do the necessary fieldwork and participate in Q&A sessions. There is no guarantee that IPmasterclass will increase the value of your IP without putting in the work.

Success depends on your implementation of the own protect grow® system.

You may rest assured that we will not disclose your information to others, without your permission. Our terms of use also require you not to disclose the information of other participants of IPmasterclass. 

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Fictionalization of events and simplification of fact patterns are necessary both to protect attorney client privilege and confidences and to make the intended points understandable.

Real life fact patterns are usually messy and seldom as straightforward as those fact patterns shared by the speakers.

None of the characters introduced in any story used in IPmasterclass training represents any actual person, and any apparent similarities to any actual person is merely coincidental.

Specifically, Victor and Victoria are names of fictional characters and are in no way associated or related to any actual person.

We're excited to work with you, and to help you maximize the value of your company's intellectual property.

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