How Do I Grow My IP?

Let me know if growing the value of your IP is important to you.

Once you own your IP and protect it, the next thing is to grow its value. One way to grow the value is by accretion: creating, acquiring or licensing new, proprietary innovations, brands and creative works. Another way is to increase the value of your existing IP. How?

By using your trademarks and service marks consistently and continuously, you can build good will in your brand. Increasing good will increases the value of your marks, which start out with little or no value but often end up as a company's most valuable IP asset. Extraordinary customer service and customer satisfaction adds to the value of good will.

Also, it's possible to transfer value from other IP assets to build good will. A patent portfolio can add value to a brand if customers perceive value in the brand being innovative and cutting edge. Of course you'll have to let your customers know about your growing patent portfolio in order for the value of your patents to boost good.

It's also possible to expand your brand in additional markets beyond the borders of your state, region or country, and IP can help you to establish and protect your brand and other IP assets worldwide. 

If their is sufficient interest, a future IP masterclass series may help you take action to grow the value of your IP. I've worked with large corporations, one-person startups and everything in between to grow IP. You can mplement systems targeting creation of valuable IP rights. There are IP assets that you can buy or license, also, if you know where and how to look. This can directly impact the equity in your startup, making it easier to attract investors. A valuable IP portfolio can increase the price someone will pay for your business. If you do nothing, you'll be leaving money on the table ... a lot of money!