IP master class

Click "Join Now!" to get access to the IP master class. For a low monthly fee of $9.00, you'll have access to a library of small business agreements, and video training for integrating the agreements into your business. The agreements are PDF templates that you complete electronically, while I walk you step-by-step through the agreements.

You'll get access to a powerful, one-page NDA and IP agreement customized by you for your particular use. A work made for hire agreement allows you to rest assured that your company is not only the owner, but the author, of every work created for you as a work made for hire under US copyright law. You'll have access to an assignment agreement that can be executed to capture rights that you overlooked until now. You'll learn how to own your trademarks, trade dress, trade secrets, patents, copyrights and domain names. Almost every business will need a terms of service agreement for a website. So, this is included in the agreement library, also. 

New training videos and agreements are added to the library periodically, based on requests from our subscribers. An exclusive forum, for members only, is coming soon. My objective is not to overwhelm you but to help you customize simple, yet powerful, agreements that you absolutely need to own your IP.

It is imperative that you complete every step. Missing any step could leave a hole in your IP ownership. A hole in IP ownership doesn't just cost you money. If you don't own your IP, then somebody else does! So, take the time to complete the implementation steps in each video training.